Property Tax Abatements

Boxborough Real & Personal Property Tax Assessments

The real estate assessed values for the current fiscal year are available by clicking on the "Real Estate Values" link.  All other assessing information is available in the Assessor's office. 

If you feel that your property has been overvalued, disproportionately assessed, incorrectly classified, or is exempt from taxation, you may apply for an Abatement.  Abatement applications are available below or in the Assessors' Office and must be filed and received in the Assessor's Office between the mailing of the third quarter tax bill (usually by December 31st) and the due date of that same bill (usually February 1st). Your application must be received or post-marked by close of business (4:00 p.m.) on that day.  The Assessor cannot act on abatement applications received after the deadline.

How Do I File For Abatement of Real or Personal Property Tax?

Application for Abatement of Real or Personal Property Tax

Hows are FY2018 Assessed Valuations Calculated?

Assessor's Review

The Assessor may ask for additional information from the taxpayer requesting an abatement, any may ask to inspect the property. This information will allow the Assessor to review the property in comparison to the appropriate real estate market, and determine the fair market value of the property.  Failure to comply with the Assessor's request for information or an inspection will result in an automatic denial of the appeal.  The Assessor  has three (3) months from the date the Application was received to act. Failure to act is deemed a denial.

Appeal of the Assessor's Decision

If a taxpayer is not satisfied with the decision of the Assessor regarding an Application for Abatement, they may appeal to the Appellate Tax Board (ATB), a State agency that hears appeals from taxpayers who have been denied at the local level.  Appeals to the ATB must be filed within three (3) months from the date of the Assessor's decision. For more information, please visit the ATB's website.

If you have questions about values or the assessment process in general, please contact the Assessor's Office at (978) 264-1720.  Click here to refer to the Assessor's FAQs.