Boxborough Building Committee

The Boxborough Building Committee (BBC) is responsible for gathering input from the Department heads, citizens, users and potential users; assessing needs; reviewing conceptual designs; acting in an advisory capacity; and making specific, detailed recommendations including cost projections with respect to any facility or building construction or renovation that the Committee deems necessary in order to meet the needs of the Town of Boxborough for Public Safety and Public Works. This responsibility shall encompass the Fire Department, Police Department, and Department of Public Works (DPW).

In formulating its recommendation, the Committee’s work shall include, but not be limited, to the following:

1. Review condition of existing public safety and DPW facilities in order to assess their present condition and ability to meet current and anticipated needs, taking into consideration all relevant regulatory requirements, as well as anticipated demands for a period of not less than twenty years.

2. Review all previously created feasibility studies or other analyses and consult with previously retained Architects, the sponsoring Departments, the Board of Selectmen, and the Finance Committee on the development of conceptual and schematic plans to meet the needs identified above.

3. Review, analyze, and advise with respect to the best location(s) for Safety and Municipal Facilities, taking into consideration the services that need to be provided, the existing facilities, and the availability and cost of acquiring and/or preparing other suitable sites.

4. Gather and review relevant municipal building data from comparable towns.

5. Advise with respect to the proposal of design plans and specifications for any building or facility project and assist in the selection of Architects, Project Managers, and General Contractors for any proposed project.

6. Develop and recommend a coordinated approach for the renovation, construction, or demolition of any building project so as to minimize disruption of work flow, and/or loss of Town services, while at the same time maximizing the protection of employees if they are to remain in the building(s) under renovations.

7. Conduct and include an assessment regarding energy efficiency and the viability of renewable energy considerations with respect to any facilities being evaluated.

8. Provide periodic reports no less frequently than quarterly to the Board of Selectmen at regularly scheduled Monday night meetings.

9. Prepare and present its recommendations to the Board and report at Town Meeting with respect to those recommendations as requested by the Board.

Board Members

Name Title
Vincent Amoroso Member (2017)
David Follett Member (2017)
Leslie Fox Member (2017)
Ted Kail Member (2017)
Frank Powers Member (2017)
Abby Reip Member (2017)
Gary Kushner Alternate (2017)
John Markiewicz Alternate (2017)
Hoff Stuart Alternate (2017)
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