Have Not Pond Conservation Area

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Have Not Pond

Delano Land

New-growth woodland, mixed forest, short steep areas, and very low wetlands.

Recreational Uses - Hiking, cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing.

Trails - One trail, about eight-tenths of a mile, leads from Hill Road to the connecting trail on the Fisk Conservation Land.

Cautions - Skiers beware of some large rocks in trail; some large areas of standing water along the trail in spring and after rainy periods.

Parking - Pull off the side of Hill Road and the Schoolhouse Lane cul-de-sac.

Land Area – 28.29 acres

History – In 1998, the Delano family donated 6.32 acres to the Conservation Commission in honor of Lydia Lee Delano. In 2001, the estate of John Philip Delano gave an additional 21.97 acres. Both parcels are identified by signs on Schoolhouse Lane and were originally part of Walnut Farm, created as a grant from the King of England in the 1600’s.

Fisk Land

This entire property is wooded and located primarily on a hillside running north/south above route 495.

Recreational Uses - Hiking, snow shoeing, and cross country' skiing.

Trails - There is one principal trail, approximately one-half mile long, running from the western field on the

Have Not Pond parcel towards 495. This trail is intersected at the north by the Delano trail running up to Hill Road north of Wetherbee Lane. The footing is generally smooth and there is no difficulty walking it although there are a few mild climbs and descents. Traffic noise from 495 is pronounced.

Cautions -

Parking - There is no public parking for the Fisk land.

Land Area - 16.19 acres.

History - Donated by the Estate of Cynthia Hoar Fisk in 1992.


Connecting with both the Fisk and Delano trails, this property offers a variety of appealing walks. An old logging/farm road runs from Hill Road through woods, past the pond, and to a meadow. Part of the meadow is wetlands and there is a ten-foot bridge across a stream. Beavers are active in the pond and there are many other signs of wildlife in the wetlands and meadows.

Recreational Uses - Hiking, snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing.

Trails - At present, only the logging/farm road is usable as a trail.

Cautions – The meadow is quite wet in the area just before the bridge during the spring rainy season.

Parking - There is parking for six or more cars at the Hill Road entrance to the property. There is no sign at the Hill Rd. entrance except for one with Boxborough Conservation Area Regulations.

Land Area - 24.14 acres

History - Originally part of the High Pastures farm, deeded to the town in 1999 by Habitech, Inc., developer of the remainder of the property.