Design Review Board

The Boxborough Design Review Board (DRB) was created in May 2000 through the adoption of Zoning Bylaw changes proposed by the Town Center Visioning Committee at Annual Town Meeting. The purpose of the Design Review Board is to augment the typical planning process and provide a detailed review of design attributes in the Town Center District and other areas, if designated, to complement the design qualities of the town and enhance the scenic, historic, and rural character of the town.

The Design Review Board derives its authority and responsibilities from Section 8100 of the Zoning Bylaw. The DRB is comprised of five members. Representatives are designated from the Board of Selectmen, the Planning Board, the Permanent Building Committee, the Historical Commission, and the Board itself elects an at-large member. The DRB conducts a design review process in support of the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals.

The DRB approves Design Guidelines which include detail on attributes for the design review process as enumerated in the Zoning Bylaw:

  • Rhythm of solids and voids
  • Facade and openings
  • Massing and spacing of buildings
  • Placement and orientation of buildings within a lot
  • Architectural details, materials, and color
  • Roof slopes and shapes
  • Signage and lighting
  • Landscaping

The appropriate boards transmit plans received to the Design Review Board for review and comment. The Board reviews the plans and then makes its advisory recommendations to the Planning Board or other Special Permit Granting Authority as defined in the Bylaw. The DRB performs a significant, and hopefully expanding service for the community, helping to support the appropriate boards for review of new developments and expansion projects consistent with the character of the town.

Board Members

Name Title
Tim Rudolph Chair (2020)
Kevin Mahoney Member (2019)
Robert Stemple Member (2021)
Hongbing Tang Member (2019)
Robert Childs Member (2020)

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Adam L. Duchesneau, AICP Town Planner (978) 264-1723
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