Economic Development Committee

Boxborough2030 called for the Board of Selectmen to reinstate the Economic Development Committee (EDC) to work with the Planning Board, the Finance Committee, and other boards and commissions as indicated to achieve a number of specific Action Items set out in Boxborough2030. In addition, the EDC works with other committees and commissions where specified in the plan to help ensure the overall success of Boxborough2030.

The main purpose of the EDC is to develop and promote balanced business development that is in keeping with the town’s character.

The EDC's Mission Statement is as follows:

Improve Boxborough's economic viability and quality of life through thoughtful development in keeping with the town's rural character and sense of community.

Board Members

Name Title
Tim Rudolph Chair (2019)
Rich Guzzardi Clerk (2020)
Kristin Hilberg Member (2021)
Nate McKinley Member (2020)
John Neyland Member (2021)
Than Stuntz Member (2019)
Dawn Willis Member (2019)
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