Energy Committee


We are the Boxborough Energy Committee: an all-volunteer committee appointed by the Board of Selectmen to help the Town save money by controlling energy costs and reducing the Town's impact on the environment.


Let's Talk Trash!

We have already saved the Town almost $20,000 per year by implementing changes at the Transfer Station (installation of compactors for recycling). Although this initially helped reduce our solid waste (aka trash) and increase recycling, we have not seen any additional increase in recylcing. We need to explore additional ways to reduce  solid waste (trash).

Did you know? ...More than 520 MILLION pounds of usable textiles - including clothing, footwear, towels, household linens and other fabric-based products - were sent to landfills and incinerators in Massachusetts in the last year, of which 95 % can be reused or recycled. 

The Boxborough Energy Committee has reached out to Bay State Textile Recycling to bring a centrally located depository for our unwanted textiles to prevent them  from going into the trash. 

"Textile recycling needs to become familiar and as easy to perform as bottle, can, and paper recycling."  The "old rule" for donating was that the items needed to be clean and in good condition. The “new rule” for donations and textile recycling is "the good, the bad, and the ugly." Visit Acceptable Items for Recycling on the Bay State Textile website.


Board Members

Name Title
Frances Nolde Chair (2019)
Molly Biron Member (2021)
Richard Garrison Member (2021)
Larry Grossman Member (2021)
Abby Reip Clerk (2021)
Barbara Salzman Member (2019)
Keshava Srivastava Member (2020)
LELWD Representative -Connor Reardon Member (2019)
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