Energy Committee

2,546 Tons of Coal 

It's official! With a total of almost 247kW, LittleBoxSolar has officially reached Tier 5! That translates to roughly 275,000 kilowatt hours (those are the units you see on your electric bill) generated on the rooftops of our two towns (Boxborough and Littleton) per year. Every year - for 20, 25, possibly 40 years.

According the EPA's carbon calculator, that means each year, Littleton and Boxborough are reducing CO2emissions equivalent to 451,492 miles in an average passenger vehicle. It is like replacing 4960 regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs every year. And it means that 203,680 pounds of coal can stay in the ground - over 25 years, that's over 5 million pounds!

Board Members

Name Title
Frances Nolde Chair (2019)
Richard Garrison Member (2018)
Larry Grossman Member (2018)
LELWD Representative - VACANT Member (2016)
Raid Suleiman Member (2019)
Abby Reip Member (2018)
Keshava Srivastava Member (2017)
Santiago Tapia-Perez Member (2017)
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