Advisory Group Presents Study

Public Safety Buildings - Space Needs

The Boxborough Public Safety Space Needs Advisory Group (SNAG) presented thier findings after carefully reviewing a needs analysis and identification of problem areas within the Police and Fire buildings. (Click here for the presintation)

Under Article 23D of the May 2014 Annual Town Meeting, the Town appropriated $25,000 for the
purpose of conducting a Public Safety Space Needs Assessment to determine the program needs of the
Police and Fire Departments, and investigate tradeoffs in conceptual design for a building or buildings
required to meet the assessed program needs. After a thorough advertising and selection process, the
Town selected HKT Architects, Inc. of Somerville, MA to conduct this study in concert with a committee
of 15 Town officials and residents, including the Police and Fire Chiefs. This study evaluated the Police
and Fire facility needs in detail and formulated seven (7) distinct building concepts, including renovation,
addition, new build and combination solutions to the Police and Fire space needs problem. The results of
this study indicated that an ideal solution to the public safety space needs problem would cost in the
vicinity of $24 Million to $26 Million. The committee of Town residents and officials believe that this
total cost greatly exceeds that which the Town Meeting is likely to approve, and proposes herewith to
extend the present study to an assessment of what the Town could build to best fit the Police and Fire
Department space needs, subject to a TBD lower bound total cost and TBD upper bound total cost. This
article funds the desired extension of the public safety space needs study, and we believe that it is
essential to properly plan for construction that is necessary to replace or augment the current public safety
buildings. The Police and Fire Stations suffer numerous deficiencies in their ability to support police and
fire operations, as well as serious structural and mechanical deficiencies with respect to current building
codes. The recently completed study highlights the areas needing improvement and provides a
foundation of analysis upon which to build public safety building concepts more in line with what the
Town is able to afford. The outcome of this study will be conceptual building projects meeting the lower
bound and upper bound cost constraints provided to the team, so that a future Town Meeting will possess
the information necessary to make an informed decision concerning new public safety construction. (Click here for Report)