The Boxborough Police Department is pleased to announce that they are creating a safe meeting location for citizens to safely engage in e-commerce in-person transactions.

The designated meeting spot is anywhere in the parking lot of the Boxborough Police Department at 520 Massachusetts Avenue. The public has alawys been welcome to use the Police parking lot for custody exchanges or other personal buisiness. Now, buyers and sellers can pull into the parking lot on the west side of the building to complete their transactions. This area is monitored 24/7 by dispatch personnel.

“Citizens are welcome to come to the police station to conduct their transactions safely and securely,” said Chief Ryder.

Lt. Warren O’Brien said the safe e-commerce zone was designed to help prevent residents and others from becoming victims of unscrupulous individuals conducting on-line business. “If a buyer or seller isn’t willing to meet at the police station, it indicates that he or she may not be someone that you want to deal with.”

The safe e-commerce zone is provided as a public service to the community by the Boxborough Police Department.