Boxborough Police: National Drug Take Back

Available 24/7


Available 24/7 

Boxborough alone safely disposed of 80+ pounds of medication this Saturday. If you did not make our recent take back event we still offer this service to everyone 24 hours a day and 7 days week in the lobby of the Boxborough Police Station.


Question: How does the Boxborough Police dispose these medications?

Twice a year, drug-take-back medications are transferred from our collection container into large heavy duty plastic bags and sealed in collection boxes. The Boxes are weighed, labeled and transferred to DEA agents at collection sites across the state (our drop off site is Westford). The DEA agents record the transfer and load our boxes into cargo vans or trucks. The DEA takes the shipment from the collection site to designated incinerators where they supervise the destruction of our sealed boxes. These boxes remain sealed to protect your privacy.

The EPA recommends incineration as the preferred disposal method for drug take-back programs because incineration addresses both environmental and diversion concerns. With regard to environmental concerns, studies have shown active pharmaceutical ingredients are present in some groundwater and drinking water, some portion of which is likely due to flushing. Further, some studies have shown active pharmaceutical ingredients present in landfill leachate that is collected in municipal solid waste landfill leachate systems. Incineration of unwanted household pharmaceuticals reduces the amount of household pharmaceuticals that are disposed by both flushing and land filling.