Recommendation Guide

Organization of recommendations – from vision to action

  • The implementation plan is organized by five levels to acheive the Boxborough vision.
  • The vision is the most broad statement and actions are the most specific tasks.
  • There are seven aspirations to the vision. These are the community values and ambitions elicited by the vision, broken down into categories that each evoke a distinct theme. 
  • Each aspiration has several goals, each goal has several strategies, and each strategy has several actions.

The Boxborough Vision: A Rural, Engaged Community For All

Aspirations: What do we value? 

There are seven aspirations total. There is a unique webpage for each one.

Goals: What do we want to achieve?

Each aspiration contains 3-4 goals.                           

Strategies: How do we get there?

Each goal contains 3-4 strategies.

Actions:  What specific steps do we need to take?

Each strategy contains 1-7 actions.

*Critical Actions


Timeframe Key

This key appears on each of the aspiration pages.

*Purple Text & Asterisk

Critical Action

Short term

Short Term
(1-3 years)(by 2018)

Short to medium term

Short to Medium Term
(1-7 years)

Medium term

Medium Term
(4-7 years)
(by 2022)

Medium to long term

Medium to Long Term
(4-10+ years)

Long term

Long Term
(8-10+ years)
(2023 or later)




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