Artist on Display - Cynthia Rodday

Cynthia Rodday is a long-time resident of Maynard, Massachusetts,. She received her BA from Wheaton College and a MFA in 2-Dimensional Concentration from Georgia Southern University. Cindy spent a number of years working in Boston as a graphic designer. In her free time, she became a freelance graphic designer and website designer working with small companies and individuals. Cindy currently works at Albright Art supply + gift, a small art supply and gift store in Concord, MA.
In 2015, she had the opportunity to take a class on pastels to gain a better appreciation of the medium. Since that time, she took workshops with Shelly Eager and has been taking monthly classes Jeanne Rosier Smith. She learned the proper use and various techniques involved to move beyond a beginner level. These pastels are a combination of work completed during classes and on her free time.
Journey through Open Spaces features locations within a national park, a botanical garden or a wildlife refuge. Cindy has visited a number of national parks over the past few years and was inspired to use them in her pastels. She believes landscapes create a personal connection between the viewer and the artwork because of a familiarity with the scene either first hand experience or having studied the location in school.