Veterans' Memorial Committee


To recommend to the town appropriate memorials to  foster a common understanding of the sacrifices and uncommon dedication given by veterans and their families; to convey to every individual that enters the memorial grounds, a sense of the total dedication to The United States of America and its citizens by the men and women who served during war-time  and in peace; to honor  selfless service; to provide the opportunity for the public to reflect on their rights and freedoms enjoyed as citizens of the United States of America.



Seven members to be appointed by the Board of Selectmen for an initial term ending June 30, 2017 (with the expectation that this will be extended), to be comprised of:

1 member of the Historical Commission

1 member of the Public Celebrations and Ceremonies Committee

1 member of the Cemetery Commission

4 members of the Boxborough community, with representation from Boxborough veterans and other citizens


Participation by other (non-voting) members of the Boxborough veterans and at-large community will be welcome and encouraged

Board Members

Name Title
Kevin Mahoney Co-Chair (2019)
Ron Vogel Co-Chair (2019)
Frank Coolidge Member (2019)
Mitzi Garcia-Weil Member (2018)
Karen Noriega-Baron Clerk (2019)
Scott Pierce Member (2019)
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