Rolling Meadows

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Rolling Meadows

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This parcel contains wetland and upland areas. A beautiful brook runs along the northern property line. The front portion of the parcel is a mowed field that extends into a wet meadow and then into a forested wetland. The upland contains mixed hardwoods and softwoods. A small ridge emerges out of the wetlands in the southeast portion of the site. The ridge terminates in a small knoll. A series of stone walls is located around the perimeter and within the site.

Recreational Uses

  • Cross-country skiing and fishing
  • Nature study
  • Hiking

This parcel is excellent for bird watching.


There are two entrances along Littlefield Road at breaks in the stone wall. One has sign with "Rolling Meadows". The trail in the open field is not marked with stakes or blazes. Just follow the worn paths. A series of inter-connected trails pass through the fields, wet meadows and forested woodlands.


Use caution walking the trail. There are large roots and rocks to navigate. Poison ivy is abundant.


Limited parking is available along Littlefield Road.

Land Area

  • 42 acres


The town acquired 35 acres of Rolling Meadows as conservation land in 1990 for $300,000, and an additional 7 acres in 2001 from the Guilford Railroad. 

Notable Features

Rolling Meadows is prime habitat for birds, mammals, and deer. Woodcocks display in the evenings in March and nest on the ground in the Spring.