What do I do if I am stopped by a Police Officer?

If you are stopped by a police officer:

  • Use your directional to signal to the officer that you intend to stop.
  • Try to stop in a reasonable location, away from an intersection or driveway.
  • Stop your vehicle as far out of the lane of traffic as possible.
  • Stay in your vehicle unless asked otherwise by the officer.
  • If the stop is at night, turn on the vehicle’s interior light.
  • Keep your hands in view at all times, preferably on the steering wheel.
  • Wait for the officer to request your license and registration. Police officers are trained to ask for identification prior to providing an explanation for the stop.
  • Give the officer a chance to explain why you were stopped.
  • If you are issued a citation, do not argue with the officer. If you feel that the citation was wrongly issued, the proper procedure is to request a hearing by following the directions on the reverse side of the citation.

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