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Resident Communication Survey

  1. Boxborough_Town_Hall

  2. In our ongoing effort to improve communication with residents, the Boxborough Select Board ask that you take a few minutes to respond to the survey below. Thank you in advance for your important input.

  3. 1. What is the best way to reach you for communication? (Check all that apply):

  4. 2. How frequently would you like communication from the town on the platforms chosen in the previous question:

  5. 3. Which boards/committees would you like to hear from? (Check all that apply):

  6. 4. Please indicate the easiest way for YOU to communicate with US (The Boxborough Select Board, Town Administrator and Department Heads):

  7. Once again, we are extremely grateful for you contributing your valuable time, your honest information, and your thoughtful suggestions. This information will be key in improving our communication efforts with all residents.

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