Boxborough's Vision: A Rural, Engaged Community For All

Photo of green field, planted with crops growing in rows,  with woods on either side

Lake reflecting trees in autumn colors that are on far shore.In midground are trees on left and right not yet turned, also reflecting in lake

Side view of rear portion of schoolbus with words "Boxborough Regional School District"

Side view of man in Revolutionary Period costume beating drum,

Boxborough shall maintain its traditional values of rural open space, a first-rate educational system, agricultural and conservation lands, and historical roots, while fostering a balanced economic environment and enhancing a close-knit sense of community for all generations.

The Boxborough2030 Master Plan provided an excellent opportunity for our town to develop a long-term vision for the community and to create steps for implementing this vision. The last Master Plan for Boxborough was completed in January of 2002. After 13 years it was time to update it. Town staff, the Master Plan Update Committee (MPUC), and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) have produced an updated Master Plan for the Town entitled Boxborough2030. This updated Master Plan will serve as Boxborough’s planning guide for the Town over the next fifteen years, through 2030. Moreover, it will help Boxborough achieve and maintain its vision of “A Rural, Engaged Community for All.

The complete Boxborough2030 Master Plan is available on this website. The Boxborough2030 Magazine summary and the Boxborough2030 Recommendations & Implementation Plan are available in print at Town Hall and for download here.