June 30: Annual Town Meeting continues for second night at the Boxboro Regency

 Annual Town Meeting will continues tonight, June 30, at the Boxboro Regency, 242 Adams Place. Articles 2-21 were taken up Monday night. All articles passed, with the exception of Articles 7, 8, and 9, which were passed over. Articles 22-42 will be taken up tonight.

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Due to a posting issue, Town Meeting is being delayed one week from Monday, June 22nd to Monday, June 29th at 7 PM at the Boxborough Regency Hotel located at 242 Adams Place in Boxborough. 

Recognizing the challenges of holding a public meeting during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Town is following the guidelines issued by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to conduct a safe Annual Town Meeting including:

  • All attendees are asked to wear masks.
  • The number of warrant articles have been reduced with the objective of completing Town Meeting in one night.
  • The lines to check-in and speak to articles will incorporate social distancing.
  • Seating within Town Meeting will be set up in pairs.  Couples will be allowed to sit next to one another but will be separated from other attendees by at least six feet.

There are a number of important topics which will be addressed at the June 29th Annual Town Meeting.  Please review the Town Meeting warrant which was mailed to all Boxborough households and is also available on the Town Website at https://www.boxborough-ma.gov/sites/g/files/vyhlif2851/f/uploads/warrant_2020_updated_final_web.pdf, for further details.  We encourage all eligible residents to participate in Town Meeting scheduled again, for Monday, June 29th at 7PM at the Boxborough Regency Hotel.

This year’s town meeting will not be “business as usual”. The Select Board has worked hard with public safety personnel, the Town Administrator, Town Moderator, Town Clerk, and the Board of Health be able to hold as safe a town meeting as possible following the guidance issued by the State and best practices used by other communities. 
The meeting has been relocated to the 12,000 square foot Parade Room of the Boxboro Regency. Seats will be set up in pairs so couples can sit together but each pair of seats will have 6 feet of space between them in each direction, front, back and side-to-side. Participants will be wearing masks and there will be 7 feet between voters waiting to speak. Voter check-in will be moved to the main ballroom of the Regency to allow for social distancing as voters arrive. The room will look very different from the last time a town meeting was held there, with 600 fewer seats in the room and a maximum occupancy of 200 voters. 
To help make efficient use of time and to keep ATM as short as possible, some articles were removed before the town meeting warrant was issued, a number of the usual reports will be shortened, and many of the articles were put on consent agendas to help ensure the meeting takes two days or less. 
To answer a question that has come up: Massachusetts law does not allow “virtual town meetings” or proxy/absentee ballots.  To vote at town meeting you must be physically present.
During the period between now and June 22, the Select Board and Moderator will remain flexible and will postpone or cancel ATM if the Governor or State health department issue guidance that town meetings should not be held, put forward protocols that are not feasible for Boxborough, or if at anytime there is any question of whether the meeting can be held safely.
We believe we have developed a plan that provides for a safe environment and encourage voters to attend town meeting and make their voices heard.
If you did not receive your warrant in the mail contact Department Assistant, Cheryl Mahoney at 978-264-1714, to obtain a copy.