Online Payments

The Town of Boxborough accepts online payments for a variety of services through our online payment partners. This online service gives customers who do business with the Town of Boxborough a convenient, efficient, and user-friendly way to make payments 24 hours per day, 7 days a week

*rabies must be current
For Transfer Station Stickers   For Seniors (those aged 65 and over)
  • If you are under 65Apply for Transfer Station Sticker Online 

  • For Seniors (those aged 65 and over)
    Residents over 65 qualify for free stickers and cannot use the Online Payment Center. Seniors can apply for a free sticker online, by clicking here. Seniors can also obtain a form at Town Hall.

Please note that using a credit card (Mastercard, Visa or Discover) will add an additional fee of approximately 3%. If using a debit card, there is a flat fee of $3.95.  For payment by check, a $0.25 processing fee will be charged.

Unibank Online Payment Center now supports multiple browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 5 or later), Firefox/Mozilla, Opera and Safari.