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Staff Contacts
Our Mission

The Boxborough Police Department exists to protect and serve the community of Boxborough. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of each Boxborough citizen, to reduce the fear of crime and to foster positive relations with the public. Our mission is accomplished through crime prevention, enforcement of the criminal and traffic laws, respect for individual rights, and responding to community concerns about crime and other law enforcement related community problems.

This is our mission. This is our commitment to the people of Boxborough, with whom we are in proud partnership for the greater good.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Warren B. Ryder Chief of Police (978) 264-1751
Warren J. O'Brien Lieutenant (978) 264-1742
Brett A. Pelley Sergeant (978) 264-1743
Nathan W. Bowolick Detective Sergeant (978) 264-1755
Robert J. Bielecki Sergeant (978) 264-1746
Jeffrey C. Landgren Patrol Officer (978) 264-1766
Philip M. Gath Patrol Officer (978) 264-1764
Robert J. Fagundes Patrol Officer (978) 264-1767
Robert A. Arakelian Patrol Officer (978) 264-1747
Nicholas M. Storelli Patrol Officer
Andrea Veros Department Assistant (978) 264-1754
Brenda A. Santucci Dispatch Supervisor (978) 264-1748
Elaine M. DeLorme Dispatcher (978) 264-1753
Ashley E. Cartier Dispatcher (978) 264-1745
Steven P. Duffy Reserve Police Officer
Gordon N. Clark Reserve Police Officer
Patrick E. Mortimer Reserve Police Officer
Robert D. DaCosta Reserve Police Officer
Frank W. Gordon Reserve Police Officer
Phyllis Tower Animal Control Officer (978) 264-1750