Policy Advisory Committee

Charge to the Policy Advisory Committee - July 8, 2019

Policy revision and development is a dynamic and ongoing process, which must be forward- thinking and consistent with the law.

The Policy Advisory Committee shall be an ad-hoc committee serving for a period of July 8, 2019 through June 30, 2020. The committee is charged with developing new policies that are needed, but currently do not exist, and reviewing and making suggested revisions to existing policies, with the goal of creating consistent policies that can be applied to all existing and future boards and committees.

In the interest of harmony, efficiency, uniformity of interpretation, coordination of effort and in fairness to all concerned, the committee may invite subject matter experts to weigh-in on any new or revised policies. The committee will consider practical and legal applications of policies to ensure protection for the town when creating policies under which the boards and committees will operate.

The committee will report its findings and recommendations to the Select Board for further revisions if necessary, and/or final approval by vote of the Board.

The committee will be comprised of:

  • Town Moderator
  • 1 Select Board member
  • 1 Member at large

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Cheryl Mahoney 978-264-1714

Board Members

Susan Bak
Jennifer Campbell
John G. Fallon