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For the meeting room policy, please see the meeting room page.

Winter Weather Policies

If the Acton-Boxborough Schools are closed due to weather, the Sargent Memorial Library will not open until 1:00 pm, weather permitting. This will allow the DPW time to plow and treat the town roads, library driveway and parking lot. During inclement weather, please call the library (978-263-4680) or check our website to confirm the library is open. You may order and renew library items online HERE.

Card Policies

Any Massachusetts resident is eligible to obtain a library card at the Sargent Memorial Library free of charge. Your library card is accepted at any library that is a member of the C/W MARS network.

To obtain a library card, please bring a valid picture ID, tax bill or utility bill indicating your current address with you to the library.

Loan Periods and Fines

Our library patrons can check out up to 50 items in total*, and place up to 20 holds at a time with their library card.

*Do note that there is a 20 item limit on DVDs.

Library materials can be borrowed for the following lengths of time:

Material TypeLoan Period
Books, books on CD, Playaways, CDs3 weeks
New books2 week
DVDs1 week
Magazines1 week

Borrowed materials can be renewed online once through the patron's library account (log in using your library card number and pin).

The patron is responsible for returning borrowed items on time, and for any fines and fees associated with overdue or non-returned items.

Fine Schedule

Please note, items returned in the book drop after closing will be considered returned on the the next day we are open.  For example, an item placed in the book drop after 8pm on a Monday will not be checked in until Tuesday.

  • Videos and DVD's $.10/day, max $5.00
  • Museum Passes $1.00/day, $10 if late return prevents another patron from fulfilling a reservation.
  • All other materials $.10/day, max. $3.00

Paying Fines
You can pay your fines in person at the library by cash or a check (made out to Town of Boxborough), or online through your library account with a credit card.

Fines in excess of $10 will result in a suspension of your borrowing privileges.

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Internet Policies

The Internet offers a wealth of information that enables libraries to augment Sargent Memorial Library’s collections. Sargent Memorial Library (the Library) does not control or monitor materials available on the Internet. Sargent Memorial Library assumes no responsibility for Internet content, including information that may be inaccurate or out-of-date. While much of the information on the Internet is professionally and culturally enriching, there may be material that is offensive to some individuals, or that may be illegal. Parents and guardians, not the Library or its staff, are responsible for information accessed by their children. Sargent Memorial Library endorses the ALA Library Bill of Rights, its interpretations, and in particular Access to Electronic Information, Services and Networks ( Sargent Memorial Library is committed to the protection of patron privacy in their use of the Internet.

Prohibited uses include:

  • Using the Internet for illegal purposes
  • Using the Internet in violation of the Massachusetts General Law 272 Section 31, the Harmful to Minors statute.
  • Unauthorized copying of copyright-protected material in any format
  • Viewing child pornography or attempting to use sexually explicit images to entice a child may be reported to the Police.
  • Transmission of chain mail, broadcast letters, or junk mail of any type
  • Transmission of threatening, harassing, defamatory or obscene materials
  • Unauthorized access to remote computer systems
  • Unauthorized use of computer accounts, access codes, or network identification code/numbers assigned to others.
  • Destruction of or damage to equipment, software or data.
  • Disruption or unauthorized monitoring of electronic communications.
  • Violation of computer system security.
  • Violation of software license agreements.
  • Violation of network usage policies.
  • Violation of another's privacy.

Failure to comply with a request from a library staff member to abide by these rules may result in suspension from the Library or reporting to legal authorities.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees 10/23/07

Updated July 2016

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Safe Child Policy

The Sargent Memorial Library welcomes children of all ages to utilize our materials and services. The Library is a public building available for all to use. Although Boxborough is a small town, the staff may not recognize all of the adults who visit the Library. It is a very busy place and staff members have many duties to perform in order to serve everyone who comes to visit. They therefore cannot monitor the behavior, safety, or whereabouts of people using the building. Parents or caregivers, not the Library staff, are responsible for insuring the safety and wellbeing of minors in the Library or on its grounds. The Library staff will, however, intervene if aware of a problem.

Children age 10 or younger must be attended by a parent or caregiver while in the building or on the grounds. Children under the age of 8 may not be left in the Children’s Room without an adult in attendance. Adults using the Library computers may not leave children unattended.

Children age 11 and older may be left unattended at the discretion of the parent or caregiver. Pickup times, Library hours, and personal safety must be discussed between parent and child before the responsible adult leaves the Library.

Children may not be left at the Library or on its grounds before opening or after closing, including emergency closings. The Library staff is not responsible for supervising children left alone when the Library is closed but will attempt to reach a parent or caregiver for immediate pickup.

Should a child be at the Library at closing and a parent or caregiver unavailable, staff will immediately notify the local police.

The Library staff will stay with an unattended child only until the police arrive. Staff will not offer transportation from the library to any other location.

Your cooperation with our efforts to maintain a safe environment for all our visitors and patrons is greatly appreciated.

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees 2/05/08

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Materials Selection Policy

Goal of the Policy

The mission of the Sargent Memorial Library is to make available a wide variety of library materials, provide up to date and accurate information, and to offer services and programs desired by the Boxborough community. The Library collection is specifically selected to satisfy the informational, recreational, educational, and cultural needs of the community. As a basis of this policy, the Board of Library Trustees endorses the principles of intellectual freedom stated in the “Library Bill of Rights” adopted by the American Library Association.

The purpose of the Sargent Memorial Library Materials Selection Policy is to guide the Library staff and to inform the public about the principles upon which the Library’s collection is built. The intent is to provide a basis for building and maintaining the Library’s information resources in a manner that is both cost effective and relevant to library users.

Responsibility and Criteria for Materials Selection

Ultimate responsibility for materials selection policy lies with the Board of Library Trustees. The Board delegates to the Library Director the selection of library materials and the development of the collection. Professional staff members aid in this selection process after consulting professional review media. Staff members consult with each other to review the needs of the community as documented in statistics and patron requests. Final responsibility for the purchase of materials resides with the Library Director. The following factors influence the selection process:

  • Community Interests and Needs: Recognizing that any community contains people with different backgrounds, sensibilities, personalities, interests, and needs, the Library must strive to provide materials that balance all elements. A conscious effort will be made to create an unbiased collection, thereby avoiding one set of religious, political, or moral values in the selection process.
  • Merits of Items: Non-fiction will be selected on the basis of its timeliness, accuracy, authoritativeness, and clarity, relation to the existing collection and its relevance to the community. Fiction works will be considered on the basis of the quality of the writing, significance of the author, popular appeal, and permanent values.
  • Materials are selected on the basis of the content as a whole, rather than focusing on isolated passages, and without regard to the personal history of the author. In no case is any item included or excluded merely because of race, nationality, or the political or religious views of the author. In the case of controversial issues, variety, diversity, and balance of opinion are represented whenever available. Serious works, which present an honest aspect of life, are not necessarily excluded for frankness of expression.
  • Constraints: Duplication of titles is determined by popularity and importance of the item. The materials budget, the existing collection, the limits of shelf space, and the availability of the work elsewhere are further limitations on the selection materials. The Library seeks to draw upon the collection and resources made available through the C/W MARS network, and the Massachusetts Regional Library System to provide effective use of the budget, and reduce unnecessary duplication of resources.

Criteria for Removal

In order to facilitate a relevant collection of resources, the collection must be maintained by evaluating what has been obtained and withdrawing items no longer appropriate. The withdrawal of outdated materials is as crucial to the maintenance of a useful and viable collection as is the selection process.

Frequency of circulation, community interests, and availability of newer and more valid materials are of prime consideration. Local history is an exception. Fiction, once popular but no longer in demand, is removed from the collection, as are nonfiction materials which are determined to be no longer accurate or current.

Gifts and Donations

Gifts and donations of materials accepted by the Sargent Memorial Library are subject to the same process as purchased materials. They are considered with explicit understanding that such factors as duplication, merit, lack of community interest, processing costs, physical condition of the materials, or inadequate shelf space may prevent their addition to the collection or permanent retention on the shelves. Gifts and donations are accepted with the understanding that the Library may, at any time, discard them or offer them for sale through the Friends of the Boxborough Library book sales.

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees: 3/04/08

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Endorsements and Solicitations

Sargent Memorial Library Policy on Endorsements and Solicitations

The Board of Library Trustees may endorse nonprofit organizations whose mission is consistent with that of the Sargent Memorial Library and/or whose activities help accomplish the Library’s mission and benefit the Library’s constituents. Such endorsement may include encouraging financial and other support for the organizations endorsed, or providing an opportunity for solicitation or fundraising activities.

A majority vote of the Board of Library Trustees will be required for any endorsement or fundraising activities in the Library building or grounds and in Library publications. Activities for other organizations may take place within the Library Meeting Room only if they are consistent with the Library Meeting Room policy. Permission will be granted on a very limited basis, and preference will be given to Boxborough residents and organizations. Activities will only be granted if they do not interfere with regular library use or programming.

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees 10/17/16

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