Message from Chief Szewczyk

The Boxborough Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality public safety services to both residents and visitors.  We are a fully accredited police agency, with an on-site emergency communications center, responding to calls for service 24/7/365 within the 10.39 square miles of Boxborough while also providing mutual aid for numerous neighboring agencies.

We have a culture of inclusivity, both internally and externally.  It is the goal of the Boxborough Police Department to always adhere to the following:


Professionalism – All proper resources will be allocated to provide the highest level of service in regards to criminal investigations, crime prevention, motor vehicle enforcement, and the preservation of peace in our community. 

Diversity & Inclusion – A continual and concentrated effort to ensure all citizens feel safe in their interactions with police personnel.  We acknowledge that the history of policing in this country hasn’t always been universally fair to all citizens.  We will continually participate in substantial diversity training and continually learn about various cultures and backgrounds and how interactions with law enforcement can be improved.  All viewpoints will be valued and ongoing improvements in regards to diversity and inclusion are a primary mission of the Boxborough Police Department. 

Sustainability – It is incumbent upon law enforcement that we are doing our part to help preserve the environment for future generations.  This includes, but is not limited to transitioning to a fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles, along with decreasing fuel consumption, limiting waste, specifically in terms of procurement and administration, and promoting best practice policies within the department.

Transparency & Accountability – The relationship with the community is vitally important as public trust and police legitimacy is often predicated on the quality of this relationship.  The Boxborough Police Department will continue to be transparent to the public and accountable at all times.

Officer Wellness – The job of a Police Officer is often difficult and dangerous.  It is imperative that members of the Boxborough Police Department have an appropriate work-life balance, proper equipment to safely perform the functions of their job, and all efforts are made to ensure their physical and mental health is protected.


We are continually examining ways to improve our police department and are eager to work with the community to achieve desired goals.  Please reach out at any time discuss ideas, ask questions, or provide your valued input. 


In Partnership,

Chief John Szewczyk                                                                                      Boxborough Police Department