The following are some of the responsibilities of the Board of Health:

  • Approval of septic system and well design and installation through its agent, the Nashoba Associated Boards of Health (Nashoba).
  • Visiting nurses, home health aides, and social worker services offered by Nashoba.
  • Restaurant and food service inspections by Nashoba.
  • Respond to any and all matters concerning the public health in Boxborough (e.g, bioterrorism concerns, communicable disease control, and public health complaints). The lion’s share of these meetings is devoted to the review of septic system and well plans and appointments with engineers or homeowners about these matters. The Board also meets on as-needed basis to respond to various situations or needs as they arise. Individual members of the Board of Health receive an annual salary of $166 for their efforts.

There are no specific requirements for being a member of the Board of Health, other than being a Town resident and possessing a willingness to serve and an interest in public health. Individuals who would like more information are invited to contact Julie Pratt at 978-264-1726, or attend a regular meeting.