Indian Meadow

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Indian Meadow

Location and Description

Indian Meadow is a 48 acre property located off Liberty Square Rd. The trailhead is just north of Joseph Rd on the opposite side of the street. A short, flat trail extends 1/3 mile from Liberty Square Rd through light woods to the edge of the wet area. This parcel has been left in a natural state to provide open space and wildlife habitat. There is some upland vegetation buy mostly wetlands.


Indian Meadow was originally four separate, but adjacent, parcels. The 2.53 acre Barker Land was donated to the town by Jonathan Barker in 1971. The 10.82 acre Rubin Land was a gift to the town from Olga Rubin in 1981. The 23.04 acre Dawson Land was donated by William Dawson in 1984. In 1988, Richard and Lynn Potts donated 11.97 acres to the town.

Notable Features

Indian Meadow provides a greenway from Liberty Square Rd to the Boston and Maine railroad tracks (currently the MBTA Commuter Rail). The short trail leads to a farmer's rock pile and remnants of an old orchard.