Home Safety Checkup Program

The Boxborough Fire Department is pleased to announce a Home Safety Checkup Program. A firefighter will visit your home to perform the following:

  1. Check each smoke and carbon monoxide detector in the home to ensure that it is functioning properly on the day of the visit
  2. Replace the batteries in these devices
  3. Ensure that houses are properly numbered to assist emergency personnel with locating your house in the event of an emergency
  4. Make recommendations if required smoke or carbon monoxide detectors are missing or expired.

For residents with children, firefighters will also reinforce messages learned in the classroom on proper exit plans and meeting places. All of this is provided free of charge to Boxborough residents.

To request a home safety check, please email Captain Jason Malinowski.

Real Estate Inspections

These checks are not the required inspections that are needed for real estate transactions. To schedule an inspection, refer to details on the Fire Prevention page.