Finance Committee


  • Meetings will be held the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month until January 2023 then every Tuesday until annual town meeting.  
  • Start time is 7:00 pm until January 2023 then TBD.

  • Meetings will be held in the Grange Room, Town Hall with a hybrid option as possible
    29 Middle Road
    Boxborough, MA 01719

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Financial Dashboard voted December 5 2023

FY24 Expense Budget Final voted May 2 2023

FY2023 Budget for Annual Town Meeting

FY2022 Budget Documents


  • Maria Neyland, Chair                                                                                                             Term expires: 2026
  • John Connor                                                                                                                          Term expires: 2026
  • George Elenbaas                                                                                                                   Term expires: 2024
  • Becky Neville
    Term expires: 2025
  • Antony Newton                                                                                                                       Term expires: 2025
  • Gary Kushner, Clerk
    Term expires: 2024
  • Keshava Srivastava
    Term expires: 2026
  • Robert Stemple                                                                                                                      Term expires: 2026


Boxborough’s Finance Committee is comprised of between five and nine members appointed by the Town Moderator to a three-year term. Established by state statute, the powers and duties of the Finance Committee are more particularly defined in the Town Bylaws. Following is a list of some of the powers and duties:

  • To "consider all matters of business included within the articles of any warrant for a town meeting, and after due consideration report thereon in print its recommendations as to each article."
  • To report to annual town meeting on "the doings of the committee during the year, with such recommendations or suggestions as it may seem advisable on any matters pertaining to the welfare of the town."
  • To provide the various town departments, boards, officers and committees with annual budget forms, and "duly consider the estimates and statements" so filed and "there upon recommend such sums and in such division of items as it considers necessary."
  • Meet with other boards, commissions, town officers and committees to discuss municipal issues, and short and long-range financial planning.
  • Has the authority to approve reserve fund transfers for extraordinary or unforeseen expenses during the year.

The Finance Committee’s primary responsibility is the preparation of the budget, a process which begins in early fall with the distribution of the budget package. Each Finance Committee member serves as a liaison to one or more departments or committees to ensure timely submission and discussion of each budget and special article, if any. This Finance Committee member will write the recommendation for the town meeting warrant and speak to the budget or article at town meeting.


Members of the Finance Committee need not have backgrounds in finance or public administration; the committee is representative of the various town constituencies and serves as the "fiscal conscience" of the town. Prospective members should indicate their interest to the Town Moderator, Dennis Reip.

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Finance Committee Documents