Public Health Nurse

The Town of Boxborough addresses the public health needs of Boxborough residents through an agreement with the Nashoba Associated Boards of Health. Through Nashoba, the town offers a health promotion program, which includes:

  • Education and outreach
  • Home visits as needed
  • Information and resource referrals
  • Monthly clinics for health screenings

The nursing team also works closely with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to focus on disease prevention. The objective of providing access to public health nursing services for Boxborough residents is to prevent disease and promote wellness by providing immunization clinics, regular communicable disease investigation and follow-up, and by responding to disease outbreaks.

The Town Nurse for Boxborough is Tamara Bedard. She provides monthly Wellness Clinics in Boxborough, which are free to town residents. Wellness Clinics are held upstairs in the Boxborough Town Hall on the 4th Tuesday of each month. She is also available for consultation and can be reached by calling 978-772-3335 or 800-427-9762, ext. 340, or by scheduling an appointment during regular office hours on Fridays.